Course Descriptions

Descriptions of available courses are listed below.  Once you’ve found a class you’re interested in taking, you can visit our schedule and tuition pages for dates, times and cost.


20 months to 3 years

Class will include creative movement, ballet and tumbling technique geared toward improving gross motor skills. Children will work on following classroom directions and structure. Parents are welcome in the classroom but the goal is to work toward entering on their own.

5 to 8 and 8 -13 years

Students will learn dance fundamentals and will explore the fun, storytelling dances from Musical Theatre favorites over the years including Music Man, Annie, Matilda, Frozen and more. (Includes recital performance.)

3 years to 8 years approximately

Class meets once a week for an hour and covers the subjects of Ballet and Tap. Occasional tumbling may be incorporated into the program to work on coordination skills. Dancers work on basic technique of the two subjects while focusing on coordination, flexibility and motor skills. Dancers learn body awareness and explore the space using creative movement. For recital, dancers perform two dances using the same costume with different accessories.

Ages of 8 – 11 years approximately

The class covers Ballet, Tap, and an introduction to Jazz movement which meets once a week for a hour and half. Dancers start working on more detailed class work with technique and curriculum. For recital, dancers perform two dances with one costume with different accessories.
This dance class is designed for the more pre-teen and early teen age.

The class covers Ballet, Lyrical, Tap and Jazz which meets once a hour and forty five minutes. Dancers will be continuing their technical skills using a broader vocabulary and course work. For recital, dancers perform two dances and have two separate costumes.
This class is designed for various teen ages and levels and covers Ballet, Lyrical, Tap and Jazz that meets once a week for a two hour period. Dancers continue to work on more structured technique and advanced work in their weekly curriculum. For recital, dancers perform two dances and two separate costumes
ACRO / TUMBLING – various age groups and levels – please see schedule.

No recital performance

Students may be of beginner to intermediate levels for these classes. The class will cover various types of skills associated with core strengthening, stretching and basic tumbling skills. All skill levels are accommodated for each class and age level.Several levels for each tumbler to provide them the best level for their needs.

Ages 6 and up

Recital performance

Ballet technique stresses correct placement, body alignment and awareness for classical Ballet technique. Dancers will be taught Ballet terminology, anatomy, and how to apply it to their dancing. Each dancer will be properly instructed to achieve their Ballet goals. The Ballet technique classes perform in a large Ballet presentation at the annual recital (not required but encouraged to give dancers a sense of a real Ballet performance.)
POINTE performs in the recital both nights, but not required. Dancers must have permission to enroll in this class and take a regular Ballet technique class that meets during the week at On Your Toes. The dancer must have good technique and body placement, so the dance movements can be executed without injury.
Beginner to advanced levels

No recital performance

A class strictly devoted to turns and jumps and the technique required to execute properly. Dancers will receive a short warm-up and technical exercises along with specific instruction targeted to each dancer’s level.

Recital performance available

3 age groups/levels available

MINI (ages 5 – 8 years)
JUNIOR HIP HOP (9– 12 years approximately)
TEEN (13 and up approximately)

Dancers will have fun doing hip hop technique to various types of age appropriate music. Various combinations will be taught throughout the year as dancers work at various levels.Tricks, stalls, and freezes will be taught and incorporated into combinations based on the appropriate level.

Dress code for class: comfortable clothing, light soled tennis shoes, please no denim.

4 – 13 years approximately

Recital performance available

Dancers will work on the basic fundamentals of jazz technique by working basic jazz skills including jumps, leaps, and turns. Dancers will gain skills in coordination, flexibility, as well as memory through across the floor, center combinations, and a recital dance.

4 – 13 years approximately

Recital performance available

Mini “pommies” work on basic technique and placement along with various jumps. Participants will learn progressions and basic combinations to age appropriate music.