What We Offer

Dance Classes

Our weekly dance classes focus on Ballet and Tap, with an emphasis on Lyrical and Jazz for appropriate ages. Dancers are introduced to a social environment and get the opportunity to learn not only dance, and all that goes along with it (motor skills, coordination, rhythm), but also learn valuable social skills needed for later life, such as respect, discipline and appropriate manners for the classroom. Dancers get a complete dance education through the teaching of steps and focusing on proper terminology.

We offer class for children of all ages. There are classes that concentrate on technique only and classes that strictly participate in the annual recital.








Tumbling Classes

On Your Toes offers tumbling classes for various ages and levels. Tumbling is a wonderful tool for children to help with motor skills, coordination, and flexibility. It is a great thing for non-dancers or dancers who are seeking areas to explore other than dance. Tumbling is also a great tool to add to any dancer’s training as well.






Competition Groups

On Your Toes has a competition team. All competition dancers go through an audition process and have specific classes they are required to take. Please ask for further information if it is an interest for your dancer. Competition dance can be a great thing for dancers as it enhances their dance skills and obtains so many qualities such as self esteem, teamwork and determination.

Old to New






On Your Toes has a small store front with tights, some of the dance shoes needed and studio spirit wear. Come in and take a peek!