What others are saying about On Your Toes

“I have two daughters that are involved in dance and I am very proud to say that they dance at On Your Toes Dance Studio. We LOVE the staff at On Your Toes and we LOVE the family atmosphere of On Your Toes. On Your Toes offers a wide variety of classes from tumbling to ballet, tap, and jazz to Zumba. On Your Toes also has a Competition Dance Team. My oldest daughter has been part of the team for 9 years and my younger daughter has been a part of the team for 6 years. They LOVE it! Some of their very best friends are girls that they dance with and some of our (myself and my husband’s) best friends are other dance parents. On Your Toes has helped to develop responsibility, a good work ethic and a sense of teamwork in my daughters. We LOVE On Your Toes and would highly recommend it to anyone!!!”

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“Where to begin? My daughter and I LOVE this dance studio!! This is her 5 th dance year at On Your Toes she has been dancing since she was 3 years old. If you want an extended family this is the studio you want to attend. The staff is amazing and really care about developing your child into a great dancer. The owner and staff keep you in the loop with everything that occurs in the studio via emails. I recommend this studio all the time and I’m very proud of my choice of On Your Toes for my daughter to attend and increase her natural dance ability.”


“My daughter joined in the summer as a trial to make sure dance is what she really wanted to do (she’s 4 yrs old) and when the summer session was over she cried. She loved the studio, the teachers, staff and the atmosphere. She is now in the fall session and preparing for the recitals (in June). She is always excited and expressing her love for dance and her teacher. The studio is like a small family; very close, caring staff. I would highly recommend this dance studio to anyone. LOVE IT!”silly girls


“I grew up with dance and took many classes and taught for a while both modeling classes and dance, so I know the work and devotion dance involves. I wish to tell you that your recital was the absolute best I have ever seen. Congrats! I noticed how all your students smile and work very hard always using arm movements. I am quite impressed. The choreography was fabulous. I wish my 15 yr old daughter had stayed in dance. If I were closer to you, I would make her get back into it. Thanks and keep up the good work.”

competition 2013 (2)Miss Racheal with modern

“[The teacher] was just great with the girls and had such a positive impact….[My daughter] gained a sense of self-esteem, a sense of pride and accomplishment, and sense of teamwork and she made some good friends along the way as well (I did too for that matter).”

“I want you to know that I appreciate the way you run your competition program. From what I have seen, it is such an uplifting experience for the girls. You encourage a strong work ethic and strive, as you should, to have On Your Toes represented in the best possible light, but it is never a pressure situation.”


“I appreciate the fact that you value your dancers’ education and value the other activities your dancers may be involved in.”




“…as a parent and as a teacher, I sincerely applaud your attitude.”


“I would like to thank you and your other teachers for choreographing appropriate tasteful dances with appropriate tasteful costumes. My husband and I appreciate that.”

“Please know that your efforts are appreciated. As you know, there are many dance studios in the St. Louis area–I am just glad we found the best one for our daughter.”