Guidelines for Young Dancers

Guidelines and Expectations for Young Dancers at On Your Toes Dance Studio

Guidelines For Young Dancers —  PDF format of this info

*NOTE: These guidelines are designed for dancers entering a Pre Dance, Mini Starlight, Starlight or Starpower class.

Guidelines & Expectations for Young Dancers


Pre – Dance/Creative Movement Dancer Guidelines

On Your Toes Dance Studio wants dancers to have fun, but do so in a structured learning environment. Dance class isn’t supervised playtime; it is learning and exploration.


We would encourage dancers in this class to be actively working on potty training and must wear a pull-up, no diapers please.


We also encourage parents try to leave the dancer in the classroom however if there is still separation anxiety, parents will be allowed in the room to work towards that separation.

Mini – Starlights & Up Dancer Guidelines

On Your Toes Dance Studio wants dancers to have fun, but do so in a structured learning environment. Dance class isn’t supervised playtime; it is learning and exploration. With that in mind, there are certain requirements a dancer must be able to meet before entering a dance class:


Dancers must be 3 years old by October 31st in order to enroll in the Mini – Starlights class for the fall.


A dancer must be potty trained to take dance class. If a dancer has not developed this control, it is hard to expect them to be disciplined enough to follow directions in a dance class.


Separate from the adult bringing them to class. We certainly understand that many children have separation anxiety, but dancers typically overcome their fear quickly and enjoy their dance classes immensely. This will also require some trust on the part of the parents, so that the children know they are safe with us.

In addition, all dancers need to be able to:


Say their name when asked by the teacher. If your child cannot say both first and last name or is difficult to understand, please introduce your child personally to the teacher the first day.


Understand and follow studio rules. These are mainly safety rules, such as no running in the studio, or courtesy rules, such as using an inside voice, listening to teachers, or no pushing in lines, etc.


Dancers are encouraged to walk in the dance room on their own and say “good bye and see you later” to moms and dads when dance class begins. It is best to have dancers in ballet shoes and ready to go before class begins so it is an easier transition to separate from mom or dad.

Expectations for Parents of Young Dancers

Have all appropriate supplies for dance class, and label shoes with the dancer’s name. Check the website for details on supplies.


Please arrive to the studio in a timely manner (not more than 10 minutes early, but not late). The studio will not be open more than 10 minutes before the first class of the day. Children with too much time before class find it difficult to make it through the hour-long class. At this age children do not easily “join in” a class already-in-progress, so if you are running late, please help your child get his/her shoes on before entering the room, so the teacher can continue teaching.


Have dancers dressed and ready for class. You can have your child practice putting on their dance shoes at home. Please never allow dance shoes to be worn outside.


Make sure your child uses the restroom before class, to help minimize interruptions. Please use the restroom in the main lobby.


If waiting at the studio during class, please keep voices down as to not interrupt the class in session. Please do not enter the dance room once class is in session. Checking on your child, disciplining your child, or loud voices coming from the hallway are disruptive and confusing for your child. The teacher will ask for help, if needed. If you bring other children with you, children must be monitored at all times. There are observation days when you will be able to watch through the viewing window.