Choosing the Right Studio

Questions to Ask When Considering Dance for Your Child


Why begin dance classes?

Dance is a wonderful art form in which individuals of all ages can participate and enjoy. It enables dancers to improve flexibility, coordination and strength.  For children especially, it enhances their large motor skills, social skills, self-confidence and self-discipline.  Dance is something that can be started by anyone, at any age, and blossom into a favorite hobby, exercise plan or maybe even a career.



What should I look for in a studio?

  • Knowledgeable instructors
  • Staff who give you information and are willing to help
  • Pleasant and helpful staff members who take time to answer questions
  • A proper dance floor is recommended:
    On Your Toes has a professionally raised, non-slip dance floor that prevents injury and reduces fatigue
  • Clean, friendly environment


What do I look for in an instructor?

  • Instructor knows proper dance terminology
  • Instructors should give corrections as dancers progress down the floor or stop to make adjustments
  • Students should respond positively to the instructor
  • Students should enjoy their class and feel as if they belong
  • A degree in dance is preferred, but not mandatory
  • Adequate teaching experience is a must
  • Instructors that care about the students and families


What should I expect to pay the first year?

(This is applicable at On Your Toes only)

  • Monthly tuition that is paid at the beginning of each month
  • $30.00 registration fee for all new students
  • Purchase of appropriate dancewear (Please see “What Do I Need for Dance Class?”). Any class held for an hour needs to have tap and ballet shoes. All other classes need tap, jazz and ballet shoes. (See instructor first before any jazz shoes are purchased.)
  • Recital fee: This fee includes costume, auditorium rental, recital tickets, recital programs, props, janitorial personnel, etc. The fee is divided into three payments for your convenience. Recital is optional, however, most dancers participate.


We do have some dance items in the store at OYT, such as shoes and tights, but for a full line for your dancer please visit:

On Pointe Dancewear for all of your dancing needs!

4236 Telegraph Road