Studio Policies

Studio Policy Sections:2017-2018 Studio Policies



Tuition is due on or by the 10th of the month.

Tuition is non-refundable. Tuition is based on a 10-month ( approximately 36 week program), and is broken down into 10 monthly payments (September through June). The monthly fee remains the same regardless of the number of classes in any given month. Most months have 4 classes, sometimes there will be 5.  There are no refunds given for missed classes, due to bad weather or other student absences. All absences can be made up. (See section regarding make-up classes.)

A $10 late fee is charged to payments received after the 10th of the month.

You will be notified after the 15th of each month if tuition and/or late fees have not been paid. If payment has not been received by the last day of the month, an additional $5 late fee will be added to your account and a second reminder will be made.  Dancers will not be allowed to participate in class if your account is more than 2 months past due. All previously paid for items, such as recital and competition fees, will be forfeited, if you choose not to return to the studio. All delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collection agency.

Tuition Guidelines:

    • Due on, or before, the 10thof each month
    • A $10 late fee is added if payment is not made by the 10thof the month
    • Returned checks or insufficient funds via automatic withdrawal will be charged a $25.00 service fee (per check)
    • Late fee policies are strictly enforced
    • On Your Toes accepts cash, check, Visa or MasterCard
    • Family discounts given for 2or more dancers
    • Families may be required to be put on an auto pay plan


  • Checks may be mailed or dropped off at the studio. There is a drop slot at the desk for payments.
  • During non business hour slip payment through the front door of the main lobby area and do not place it in the mailbox (it is illegal to do so.)
  • Pay by credit via phone
  • An automatic payment plan is available. Release forms are needed giving permission to automatically debit your checking or savings account or charge your credit card for tuition on the 1st of every month. This is a free service to all families and is highly encouraged. At the end of the year, all bank and credit card information on file is destroyed.
  • All automatic payment plans begin with October tuition. September tuition must be paid in cash, check or charge.
  • NEW: Any fees over $300 will have a 1% charge added to your transaction if using a credit card.


Dance Attire:

Dancers must wear appropriate dance clothes to class, such as leotards and tights.  Warm-up clothes are permitted, but must be taken off when the dancer is “warm”.


Ballet, Tap, and Jazz Classes: leotard, tights, appropriate shoes for the style


Hip Hop, Acting, and Mommy and Me Classes: comfortable clothing, no denim, appropriate shoes for the class


Tumbling: leotard, bare feet


No baggy clothes, shorts, or t-shirts will be permitted!  All dancers are required to wear leotard and tights to classes. Only form fitting items are allowed.


It is too difficult to give the proper corrections if the instructors cannot see the dancer’s bodies.  Jazz pants will not be allowed in the ballet section of class. If your dancer has other activities before or after class, please do not send them in street clothes.  Bring a change of clothes in their dance bag.


Hair needs to be tied back securely during class.

Ponytail holders will always be available at the front desk for $0.25. A neat appearance helps your child feel like a dancer, and realize that dance class time is special. Loose hair is distracting to both dancer and teacher. Please place an extra ponytail holder in your dancer’s bag. If a dancer’s hair is too short, please have them use a head band. Faculty is not responsible for fixing your child’s hair.


Dancers are required to wear the proper shoes to each class. For recital, ballet shoes are pink and tap shoes are black and jazz shoes may be black or tan pending recital costumes. Other colors are acceptable for class use only. If your child dances in a jazz routine, they must have jazz shoes, but is permitted to use other options until recital color is chosen.

Mini-Starlights, Starlights, and Starpower classes must put elastic in your dancer’s tap shoes. You may purchase tap buttons or elastic at the front desk. It’s easier for the dancer to put them on, and there are no shoelace problems during class. Any time spent tying shoes is time taken away from class.

Dance shoes should be worn inside only.  Wearing dance shoes outside will ruin the shoe and bring in dirt to the dance floor. Please put your dancer’s name in their shoes as it’s easy to get them mixed up. Masking tape on the bottom of tap shoes and a sharpie marker on jazz and ballet shoes is an easy way to uniquely identify shoes.


Watch Week Guidelines:

  • Occurs during the first week of every month (no watch week in September.)
  • Take turns at the window as all guests would like to view
  • Limit of one guest per family
  • Be respectful to others with noise level

It is important to monitor your children’s progress and see the instructors interact with the dancers.  Watch weeks are not necessarily typical classes at On Your Toes. Please keep in mind that dancers’ are very excited and can be easily distracted having guests watch through the windows. Instructors have to work extra hard during these weeks to make sure the class stays as structured as a class held outside viewing week. The staff appreciates your understanding.

Gossiping about other children or teachers is not tolerated at On Your Toes, and if it is heard, you will be asked to leave.

It is extremely helpful to the instructor to keep voices down during watch week or any other classes. Noise does travel into the dance rooms and the dancers feed off the energy outside of the door.


All competition dancers must have their music copied. Their accounts will be automatically charged at the beginning of the season. However, in order to receive their cd, the dancer or parent must request it at the front desk by filling out a music request form, with a list of all the songs.

When recital music is chosen, it is recommended that all dancers get a copy of their music for practicing purposes.

Dancers are strongly encouraged to have their class music copied in order to practice at home. A CD and jewel case will be provided for you with the music, for a $10.00 fee ($9.00 for copyrights; $2.00 for the CD).  You may choose to bring in your own CD and pay only an $9 copyright fee. Copyright fees are charged for licensing fees from ASCAP. Failure to cover these fees is a violation of code and the studio is at risk of being fined and/or shut down.  For families, the copyright fee is per dancer, but you may choose to order one or multiple CDs.

STUDIO CLOSINGS: (Please mark your calendars!)

In the event of inclement weather, please call the studio and listen to the recording.

If Mehlville School District is closed due to weather, so is the studio, typically. All postings are done through Fox 2 News. Emails are generally sent out as well.

The studio will be closed on the following dates for 2017 – 2018

October 31 Halloween
November 22– 26 Thanksgiving Break
December 20- January 2 Holiday Break
March 26 – 31 Spring Break
May 28 Memorial Day
We DO have classes on Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day



Recital fees vary depending on the number and type of classes the dancer is in. Recital fees include all costumes, props, auditorium rental, fifteen recital tickets per family, scenery and all staff for rehearsal and recital.  Late fees will be added to accounts that do not complete recital payment on time.  Costumes will not be ordered until the first payment is made.  Recital fees are non-refundable.

Important recital dates to remember:

 October                             Recital information is distributed

November 1                     First recital payment due

November 11                    First recital payment late – $5 fee

December 1                     Second recital payment due

December 11                    Second recital payment late – $5 fee

January 10                      Final recital payment due

June 3                              Dress Rehearsal Day – at Rickman Auditorium at Fox High School

June 8  and 9             Recital Days – most dancers dance in only show – at Rickman Auditorium



Attendance is taken at each class. Good attendance is very important to each dancer’s success, as well as the progress of the class as a whole.  Please make every effort to have your child at class each week.

Missing classes is inevitable, but excessive absences can become a problem.  If a dancer is struggling and the instructor feels it is necessary, a private lesson may be required to help the dancer with any missed material.

All classes can be made up. Please check the bulletin board in the hall or web site for times that are available for your dancer. If you miss a class, or the studio is off for a holiday, you may make up that class in another class at the same level.


All make up classes must be made up within a 4 week period.

Classes may be made up at any time during the 4 weeks that they were missed, except during a watch week. Senior dancers and competition dancers are encouraged to take technique classes to make-up their classes. Tuition will not be refunded or discounted due to absences.


In the event of a dancer falling ill, please keep them home from class in order to reduce the chance of spreading the illness.  If a dancer is injured they are encouraged to observe class.


Dancers are placed according to age and ability. If a child is more advanced, a higher level of class may be needed to strengthen the dancer’s ability and give them a challenge. In most cases, dancers are with others their own age.

Dancers are not placed because of friendships or how long they have been dancing. They are being placed strictly by the level of technique that they demonstrate on a weekly basis. A child is placed in a class where he/she will feel confident in order to promote the highest level of self-esteem.

Please trust the staff’s years of experience in the decision for class placement. We are professionals and always act in the best interest of the dancer. Dancers progress at different levels and advancing a dancer before they are ready can create stress, a loss of interest and discouragement.       


Dancers are not allowed to stand outside the building waiting for a ride.

Small children need to be escorted to and from the studio.  Please do not encourage your dancer to find you out in the parking lot. Never leave your dancer unattended in any part of the studio at any time.

All traffic from the studio needs to come through the main lobby. Please enter and exit the far end of the building by the reception area only. The double doors need to remain locked and closed except in an extreme emergency. This is for your child’s protection!

Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early to class.

The studio will be considered open 10 minutes before the first class of the day. The door will remained locked until that time. During the first few weeks of class we may offer earlier hours to accommodate those who need dancewear items.

Please remember, On Your Toes is not a daycare. We do not want to be responsible for dancers that arrive too early or are not picked up on time. If you have arrived early, you must wait with your child until it is time to start class.

Dance rooms will remain closed until the instructor opens the door to enter.  Teachers come in early to prepare for class. Please do not open the doors until the instructor is ready.

Mini-Starlights, Starlights and Starpower:  Before class begins, please try to have the dancer’s ballet shoes on, as dance class typically starts with Ballet. If you are late arriving to class, please stand outside of the dance room and put your dancer’s shoes on before entering the room so there are no interruptions during the class.

Please have your dancer use the bathroom BEFORE class, as bathroom trips during class are very disruptive and can be “contagious”. There is a bathroom at the back of the lobby you may use.


If you would like to change classes, add or remove a class, or completely terminate dance classes, an Add / Drop slip must be filled out by a parent. In order to be removed from financial obligation, we must receive your intentions to stop classes in writing at the start of the month you wish to stop. Add / Drop slips are available on the info table.


There is a lost and found box at the beginning of the hallway by the info table. If something is left at the studio, it will be put in the lost and found box. We do not hold any items at the front desk.


On Your Toes does all studio information via email. We do print off some hard copies for the information table at the studio; however, all weekly updates for the studio are done via email.  Email allows the staff at On Your Toes to keep you informed of important dates and new information so it can be stored on your home computer. We do not sell or distribute addresses. Weekly updates are sent out to help remind you about events, due dates, and other information.

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