Martial Arts

Martial Arts is at On Your Toes Dance Studio!

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Stretching and having fun

Why Martial Arts?

Martial Arts training is no longer just kicking and punching, as it is recognized as one of the safest and best activities in the world for teaching children by:


  • Learning self-esteem, self discipline and building confidence
  • Learning ethics, moral integrity and life skills
  • Learning essential self-defense skills
  • Prepare for leadership roles and resist peer pressure
  • Increased motivation and development of a positive mental attitude, to understand that growth comes from overcoming adversity and completing achievements
  • “Stranger Danger” training and learning how to spot and avoid danger; what to do if danger is unavoidable.
  • Social interaction, camaraderie and fun! And so much more!

We’ve taken the best training and techniques from Karate and philosophies of Self Protection and developed them into our “Warriors” program. We pride ourselves on making our program fun, exciting and relevant to each and every child, regardless of age or ability.

Listening to directions

Attire For Class

Gi (pronounced ghee) is the terminology for class uniform. All students are required to have a Gi purchased by the second class. The uniform is black with a white beginner belt. A plain black t-shirt should be worn under the Gi in case the jacket should be removed.

Uniforms are available at the front desk and may be purchased for $30.

Bare feet are used, so no special shoes are needed.

Longer hair should be securely tied back at all times. Finger nails should be short and trimmed.

Uniforms should be kept neat and clean at all times.

 About the Program

Our “Warriors” Program is a theme-based curriculum designed to hold the child’s attention while motivating them to excel and learn new skills. Karate is a comprehensive martial art that emphasizes precision and technique over size and strength and is ideal for people of all ages, sizes, abilities. Virtues of focus, listening skills, courage and strength are all concepts introduced through the program.

Training at our dojo (our classroom) is done in a safe, modern, fully matted space where students are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect.  This attitude is encouraged in all our members, both on and off the training floor.

Karate is a fitness-focused system that features training in techniques and strategies for:

  • Grappling, throwing, and joint locking (Jiu – Jitsu)
  • Striking, kicking, and punching (Kickboxing)
  • Seated defense and ground fighting (Jiu – Jitsu)
  • Stick, blade, cord, and projectile defense (Kali Escrima)
  • Knife and cane defenses (Kenpo Karate)

Push Ups

Our Belt System

Our Belt Reward System improves children’s self-esteem and using our Self-Protection approach. Belt promotion is not taken lightly. All students will have opportunities to advance to the next belt level based on attendance, work ethic and skill sets. Rankings are determined by instructor at appropriate times. When promotions are given, belts must be purchased and students are awarded with a certificate for their accomplishments.

We teach students to be patient, determined, and goal oriented, so when they do earn their belts, they feel a great sense of accomplishment that boosts their confidence and self esteem.

Students are taught this structured system in stages known as “Kyu levels” (pronounced que) which corresponds to a different colored belt.  At the end of each level, students are reviewed and promoted to the next corresponding Kyu and belt color.  With our program, students can attain the following advancement; white, yellow orange, purple, blue, green, and brown belt.


What is a typical class like?

Class time consists of properly greeting the instructor, a quick thoughtful discussion on life skills. This is followed by a brief warm up, stretching and strengthening exercises. Students then practice curriculum specific striking, escapes, submissions, and techniques. We close each class with a formal salutation where students show respect to the instructor and everyone that participated.


 Attendance is a crucial part of the program. Students do not advance the same as students who come to class on a consistent basis. Belt promotion does not happen for students who are absent often. Certainly, if your student is ill, please do not send them to class to spread germs.